BREXIT, a subject which MUST be addressed and not resigned from

I am staggered to find myself at the end of July, with no plan from our government leadership.  No plan, no strategy, our country’s governing board in disarray and our popular press paying more attention to Love Island than BREXIT.

If it were not so serious, it would be comical.

However, there is nothing comical when:

The logistics sector is heavily reliant on EEA workers, with 14% of LGV drivers, 12% of van drivers and 24% of warehouse workers from those countries, especially the new member states.  Logistics is currently experiencing an LGV driver shortage, with 52,000 vacancies already registered and more likely to occur as European workers leave to return home as Britain’s departure from the European Union approaches.” March, 2018: Freight Transport Association

We experience seasonal fluctuations in our labour requirements and
use agency labour to manage peaks in demand. EEA migrants make up
the majority of our agency workforce in manufacturing and logistics – approximately 2,880 colleagues out of 4,000. In manufacturing, 71 per cent of the agency workforce are EEA migrants and in logistics 79 per cent of the agency workforce are EEA migrants.’  
Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC

‘Amazon UK’s EU workers are typically concentrated in occupations and locations where there are labour shortages. These are roles that do not qualify under the current points-based threshold for skilled work under Tier 2, and for which no alternative UK immigration route currently exists for them to be filled. Unless there are routes into the UK labour market for EU nationals who fill seasonal temporary roles, we expect existing recruitment challenges to be exacerbated following Brexit.’ Amazon UK

In the absence of real leadership, clarity or guidelines for our workforces and employers, I believe it only right and proper that we become part of a solution.

Why is this important for me and my Merit Recruitment team?

We are an employer of a large, multi-cultural work-forces and proud to have been sponsored to actively solve a recruitment challenge with a European workforce who successfully work alongside their British colleagues.  Without our multicultural and national workforce our supply chain will NOT deliver the seamless and fast service it does and the reality is that at least 65% of these work forces come from Europe.

Why should it be important to BOTH Brexiter’s and Remainers?

Because it’ this workforce which keeps stock in the stores which in turn feed our families.

Because it’s insecurity which is driving people out not only from work but from creating employment.

Because it is obvious that the political elite have no idea what to do.

We are starting to survey key Supply Chain employees and employers with a view to finding out what their ideal  BREXIT looks like in terms of what specific actions they need to keep people employed and conversely to stay working in the UK.


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