#SnowBusiness: Know your rights in the event of snow!

With heavy snow forecast in the coming days, we would like to highlight some KEY information for workers to be aware of in the event of snow or other weather disruption:

There is no automatic legal right for workers to be paid due to snow or other weather disruption …however workers are entitled to their normal pay in the event of snow if:

  • Employer-provided transport is cancelled
  • Their employer partly or fully closes the business
  • Their employer reduces their hours
  • Line managers or other essential staff are unable to come into work
  • Staff who provide access to the building are unable to come into work
*Source: ACAS
REMINDERIf you are unable to attend work due to snow you must let your employer know as early as possible

Any questions or concerns? Contact the Merit team on 01256 471 508 or email info@merit.eu.com